God and His Garden Rake

I have a few friends in my life that know me, not stupid facts like favorite this or thats, but really know me. When they have crazy stories that end at no point or some meaningless, yet random conclusion, they call me. Usually there are no boundaries to where any single conversation could go. There's a comfort level shared unlike what I might have with others. Everyone needs a person or two or several in their lives that they can call and just let it go, without facing judgment, without having the pressing need to be "on" or act or talk any certain way. Not that I am expressing a need to be "un-Godly" but I recognize that I've yet to reach "Monk" status and often times, it's as beneficial for them as it is for me. I love those guys.

So, I was out watering the new grass I planted yesterday after the sun went down and got to thinking about what an amazing thing water is. How many uses does water have, literally and metaphorically? When a fire blazes up, what is the first thing one goes for? Aside from an extinguisher of which I am ignorant of the contents. I think I read that our body weight is made up of 75% water and that our blood consists of 90% water. It covers something like around 70% of the Earth's surface. Grass, trees, life ceases to exist without it.

As I was watering the grass and thinking about water, I realized how fast it has come up, less than two weeks. The back yard rests under the shade of a large Oak and a Sycamore. The ground is hard and dry and almost nothing will grow under those trees, except weeds. After several failed attempts to plant grass in the last few years, I finally broke down and went out with a garden rake and really plowed up the ground. I had loosened up about an inch of top soil when I threw out the seed and watered it in, less than two weeks later its three inches high or so. I think that the difference this time was the work I put into preparing the soil versus the hard dry ground in attempts before. In the moment that I had remarked to myself about how fast the grass came up, the Holy Spirit or God in a wind, said very coolly, "It's the time of fertile soil. It's not I haven't been throwing seeds out in your life, but now they are falling on fertile ground."

I won't lie, I smiled a big smile and laughed out loud, thinking about God with his rake plowing up my life in order to prepare his seed to grow.

Later that evening I went into the Bible and started reading the parables about the sower and seed, about how the sower threw out seed in different areas, in one the ground was too hard, the birds came and ate the seed or the thorns choked it out, but the last there was fertile soil and the seed grew. Later on Jesus explains to his disciples that the seed is the word of God. Then I when I turned over to John, it talks in the first chapter about how the Word was with God and the Word was God. So, Jesus is the Word, the Word is the seed, my life is in a state of fertile soil. Hmmm. This is going to be an interesting endeavor. I like Sugar Maples.

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