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There is something almost transcendent about sitting down with an old acoustic guitar, taking a moment in time where you can just slow your pace in the world and sit and feel the strings under your fingers, locking into a groove floating around, the individual sound waves taking their place in the air as the notes hit your ears and you begin to smile. And what an amazing thing to be able to capture a moment like that, though some of the best moments take place in the absence of that little red light.

Several years ago, I lived in Nashville, a town where an audio "junkie" could definitely develop and feed an addiction, during a time when my spiritual life was rather out of balance.. and though Nashville is a great place for an audio junkie, it's not the best place for a person who has no balance. I definitely experienced those moments while making and recording music, though I could almost never remember them an hour later, and they were probably a little more on the side of "induced" than "transcendent."

I've been on the road of spirituality since leaving Nashville - and let me clarify so as not to be confused at this point that when I refer to 'spirituality' I am referring to seeking God in spirit and truth - and while not every project or individual song that I write or work on presently is geared toward being 'overtly spiritual', like many other things, it's as though music is connected to spirituality in some form- neat when inspired by the Spirit of God, and neat(er) when the spirit of the artist is crying out for God.

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